Barkley Microphones

Michael Barkley produces some of the finest ribbon microphones commercially available. John recorded his 2019 album on Michael's Infinity studio ribbon microphone, and uses it for all his remote recording applications.

"This is a characterful ribbon microphone with a nod to the classic sound of the golden era of recording; these are warm and detailed microphones suited to many studio applications and instruments. Ribbon microphones respond far better to EQ than others - they are much more resistant to phase change - as such you can take a characterful somewhat vintage sounding microphone and make it sound very modern and crisp using EQ. This makes this microphone a Swiss Army Knife."

XO Brass
John plays and endorses XO Brass trumpets and flugelhorns.  His trumpet of choice is the 1600IS, designed by lead trumpet legend, Roger Ingram.

"XO trumpets feature handcrafted valves built around authentic two-piece valve casings that incorporate nickel silver balusters for stability and strength. Exquisite performance is assured through the use of dual-lapped custom Monel pistons or high-precision stainless steel valves for smooth, quiet action."

Pinch Recording
John is a house musician for Pinch Recording, a brand new recording studio located in Queens, NY. 

"Our naturally-lit live room features a unique 20' ceiling, providing the perfect sound for your acoustic instruments. Drums, vocals, wind instruments and strings are all at home in this rich-sounding room.  We also provide a state of the art control room and 3 isolation rooms, including a large 2nd floor loft with natural light. All rooms are acoustically treated and separated by soundproof double walls and windows to provide the isolation you need to track multiple musicians at once."